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SEO Consultant Leeds


SEO Consultant Leeds

Hi, I’m Simon a SEO consultant.

I’m the founder of Bear and Fly, SEO consultant Leeds and I also work for Google as part of their outreach program – the Digital Garage by Google.

My background in digital agencies and over the last 13 years I have worked with many blue chip clients such as ASDA, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover and Hugo Boss have covered everything from strategy to design and development.



SEO now means survival

In that time the digital landscape has changed dramatically and the success of businesses no longer hinges on how ‘funky’ your site looks but actually how you use it. SEO is now more important than ever. With over 2 trillion searches a year to be found is imperative, not only to the success, but the survival of all businesses.



Years of experience and actionable SEO knowledge

Many of the projects I have been involved with are complex but my aim is always to keep things simple. I don’t over complicate anything. Many business find my involvement helps them concentrate on what they need to achieve without getting bogged down in the detail.
If you don’t feel you are meeting your search potential then get in touch today.

Simon McCaskill SEO Consultant Leeds & Google Partner


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Google Partner

Stage one of SEO: Is my website technically holding me back?

Technical issues on your website (and most websites have issues) could mean that it’s not being found by search engines. If it’s not being found then it won’t be shown in search results and you are missing out on potential customers.

At Bear and Fly, we know where to look ‘under the hood’ of your website to spot these potential issues and help you to fix them. Get a free website review now


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Who we’ve helped

At Bear & Fly we have worked with many clients helping market their business online from SEO consulting Leeds
on top level digital strategy to managing pay-per-click and search engine optimisation.


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